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Summer Flavour 24 - LIMITED

SUMMER 2024: This is a drink that perfectly embodies what we stand for at BAIN. Three ingredients, all with  wonderfully aromatic and floral profiles, are blended in exacting ratios to create a beautiful dink boasting luminosity. Absolutely jam-packed with flavour, the stars of the show are purple elderflower, cascara and fig leaves.  
The nose will give you flashes of childhood  - if childhood ever involved walking through blooming gardens with the sun on your face - thanks mainly to the heady elderflower. Fig leaves provide a subtle whisper of earthiness that is immediately offset by a tang, almost sharp sweetness of cascara (cascara is the husk of dried coffee cherries). 

The radiant freshness of this drink deserves to be enjoyed on a picnic blanket, rolled out in a park. That said, it stands up to food cooked on a BBQ and is a great pairing option, for anyone looking to stay off the booze.

This is a small batch release, first come, first serve!

Contains 750ml Kombucha

  • Keep it cool
  • non- alcoholic
  • vegan