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BAIN Brewing - BAIN is a small craft kombucha brewery located in Rotterdam. We specialise in making beverages that are actually healthy, while tasting exceptionally good.

Dusty Bain is the owner and founder of BAIN Brewing. The Brewery, located in Rotterdam, was established in late 2018 and brews Kombucha as well as other healthy beverages.

Dusty discovered Kombucha during his travels all over the world as a chef. Once settled in The Netherlands, the owner of a café asked him where he got his Kombucha. He replied “I make it at home” the owner thus replied “ can I get 10 liters next week?”  

This is where it started. Brewing his own Kombucha at home to start. He then set out to make the best possible kombucha he could. A year-long mission to understand the complexity of brewing Kombucha to create a perfectly balanced flavour. Dusty explains, “Its surprisingly unique flavour comes from using traditional fermentation techniques alongside best quality organic ingredients.” 

All of BAIN Brewing products are organic/bio and not pasteurised. So that you get the most nutrients possible. 

BAIN Brewing currently brews four well-balanced Kombucha flavours, Jasmin, Oolong, Ginger Beer and Coffee Kombucha.

BAIN Brewing has also created the beautiful health booster,  the BAIN Lemon Ginger Turmeric shot. Which is made of the best organic non waxed lemons, fresh Peruvian ginger and turmeric root which are hand extracted and blended with agave to create this premium quality shot. Dusty starts every day with a BAIN Lemon Ginger Turmeric shot. “I am glad that I am able to share things that are special to me with others”.